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Ancestors of Gary Rea


Geoffrey V The Fair Plantagenet, Count of Anjou And Maine

Burke says the marriage was 3 Apr 1127. The name Plantagenet, according to
Rapin, came from when Fulk the Great being stung from remorse for some wicked
action, in order to atone for it, went a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and was
scourged before the Holy Sepulchre with broom twigs. Earlier authorities say
it was because Geoffrey bore a branch of yellow broom (Planta-genistae) in
his helm.
Duke of Normandy 1144-1150.

Matilda The Empress, Queen of England

She was designated Henry's heir, and on his death (1135), Stephen siezed the
throne and Matilda invaded England (1139) inuagurating a period of
inconclusive civil war. She and he second husband (Geoffrey) captured normandy
and in 1152 the Treaty of Wallingford recognised Henry as Stephen's heir.
Burke says she was betrothed in her eight year (1119) to Henry.